Kalter Markt 13

The building was built in 1427/28 and is therefore one of the oldest buildings in the area of the former horse and cattle market. In the course of the construction of the early 15th century, the wall ring of the Hohenstaufen city boundary was abandoned.

In 1888, the roof area was expanded, the last conversion with changes to the rear cultivation took place in 1962. In addition, the west-side development was created.

The building is still preserved in the outer walls in the built-time size. The modifications in 1988 and 1962 essentially concern the expansion of the roof area as far as the western extension.

The house on the Kalten Markt finally passed into the possession of the company GEWE-TEC. After the renovation work, the listed building shines again in the old splendor. The guests of the economy on the ground floor enjoy their coffee in the open air during the warmer seasons and enjoy the southern flair.