Vordere Schmiedgasse 49

The forging industry was the most important industry in the city around 1500. When the city wall ring was extended at that time, the Leonhardvorstadt with Vorderer and Hinterer Schmiedgasse became a combined residential and commercial area, so to speak.

For years it stood empty, actually it should already have been redeveloped, but now actually movement comes into the house. At the beginning of the year 2018, the company Günter Welik starts with the renovation and reconstruction of the "Alte Schmiede", which stands right next to the old forge-tower.

We will rebuild this stately and historic building into a beautiful residential and commercial building.

A cornerstone indicates 1575 as a year of construction of the large half-timbered gable house. The age determination of the roof truss confirms this year of construction. This can be read in Richard Strobel's list of Gmünder monuments. In the meantime, there has not been much left of the former glory.